Bathtub and Tile  Refinishing
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Our Process

Bathtub and Tile Refinishing

We offer the absolute best in product and workmanship!

Our preparation process is second to none:

Rise-N-Shine Spares no expense in order to give you the absolute best.

We start by removing all the old caulking, then begin the chemical cleaning process utilizing our “Step I” cleaner.

"Step I"
cleaner is formulated to remove soap scum, oil films, and silicone caulk residues, thoroughly cleaning your tub and leaving it ready for the etching process.

Next, the substrate is etched with our extra strength “Porc-etch” (porcelain etching acid).

Etching with "Porc-Etch" is an integral step in the kitchen and bath refinishing process. Lab and field tests have proven that surfaces treated with an etching solution will hold the coating far longer than an untreated surface.

(Remember coatings will not stick to shiny surfaces; we prep the surface by etching it, so when the primer is applied it actually penetrates into the surface producing a permanent (physical) bond.)

Afterward, the surface gets rinsed, washed, and wet-sanded with our “Step II" Micro-Clean De-Filmer.

Formulated specifically for the Bathroom Refinishing Industry, "STEP II" Micro-Clean De-Filmer uses deep penetrating agents to quickly remove residue soap scum, silicone molecules, and trace acids from other cleaners, leaving a clean, porous surface ready for the refinishing process. Most importantly, "STEP II" Micro-Clean De-Filmers advanced formulation leaves the treated surface at a true neutral pH level.

Next, the surface gets dried and washed again with our
"Surface Solvent wash".

"Surface Solvent wash" removes any residual moisture left from the cleaning or etching of the surface, opening up the pores and leaving the surface free of contamination that can cause both short and long-term coating problems.

The Coatings:
Rise-N-Shine® Uses Primers, We do not cut corners!

We begin the coating proccess by applying two coats of our premium “Ultra-grip 4000” epoxy (Marine-Grade) primer.

A two-component epoxy primer, "Ultra-Grip 4000" was originally developed as an underwater epoxy adhesive to protect North Sea oil platforms against corrosion and temperature extremes; Specialized adhesives lock on the substrate and provide long-term protection. Ultra-Grip 4000 has a proven track record of adhesion and works remarkably well on surfaces exposed to moisture such as bathtubs and wall tile.

Finally we apply the topcoat, using our premium “Glas-Tech 9100” Acrylic Urethane topcoat.

Glas-Tech 9100
is a two-component, high solids (no fillers), high performance acrylic urethane that is designed to cure within 24 hours after application, making this system the ideal finish for most bath & kitchen refinishing projects.

This fully cross-linked system uses “resin rich layer” technology. As the coating is applied, a resin-rich layer forms on the surface. This unique “wear layer” helps provide superior performance and long term durability against 
all forms of punishment. With "Glas-Tech 9100" you are using a time tested and proven system.

All our products are purchased from Hawk Research Laboratories; The leading supplier of bathtub coatings, and preparation supplies.

They key to a long lasting surface is in the preparation!

Be wary of so called refinishing companies who offer low prices, because important preparation steps are skipped and inferior coatings are being used.

A good bathtube refinishing company will take pride in their services; will take the time to properly prepare the surface to be reglazed, and stand by their work 100%

We at RiseNShine® offer professional Bathtub Refinishing;
use only adequate coatings and professional grade chemicals not available to you in those over the counter do-it-yourself kits.

Extensive preparation procedure.
Bathtub Coatings

So if you simply want the best, allow RiseNShine© to help you with your refinishing needs!

Beware of refinishers that use bonding agents in lieu of the etching and primers!

The Coating Manufacturer clearly states that after extensive tests, the etch, primer, topcoat process has proven to be superior, particularly when moisture is introduced.

All our work is done on location, and comes with a full five-year warranty.

Bathtub and Tile Refinishing
1355 W 87th St.
Cleveland, OH 44102

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