Bathtub and Tile  Refinishing
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Because we have dealt with hundreds of actual on-the-job situations relating to every aspect of porcelain refinishing, we have prepared a list of answers to any possible questions you may have.

• How long does it take to refinish my bathtub?
Jobs averages about seven hours. The work is done in the tub area, and there will be no mess for you to clean up.

• How long does the new finish last?
With normal wear and by following our care and maintenance recommendations, you will able to enjoy your new finish for many years.

Peeling seems to be the concern to most customers. Rest assured that Rise-N-Shine uses only top of the line
bathtub refinishing materials, cuts no corners and is very meticulous during our preparation stage. This enables us to give you a full five year warranty protecting you from the unlikely situation.

• How long before I can use my tub?
36 hours after we are done is what we
recommend. The new finish will continue to harden over one month, but poses no problem with normal usage.

• Are there any bad odors?
Yes, there will be some odors during the refinishing process, and at the beginning of the curing stage, but it will dissipate overnight and be gone by morning.

• If remodeling my bathroom, should I have my tub refinished first?
No, all work such as painting,
wallpapering, or new surround should be done first to avoid any damage to your new finish.

• What about shower doors?
We will remove the Shower doors. The side and bottom rails are not removed, but will be masked off. We will reinstall the doors if performing the caulking service.

• Refinish or replace which costs less?
Our best answer to this frequently asked question is to compare one or more estimates which reflect the total
cost of the installation of a new tub compared to ours.

Thank you for choosing us to answer any questions you may have had. In the future we hope you allow us to make your bathtub or shower

Bathtub and Tile Refinishing
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